5 things to do in Nuremberg

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Following the 5Ws approach we introduced in the post on 5 things to do in Colmar I want to write down what we’ll try to do in Nuremberg for Christmas.


The E-Family 4.0 and their beautiful camper van!


Nuremberg, Germany. We found a place to park the van in Kilianstraße 189-195.


24 of December 2015.


Nuremberg has the best Christmas Market in Europe and it closes the 24 of December. Getting there from Barcelona takes time. We’ll stop twice in France so we are planning to get there the last day of market to visit the city in the afternoon. From Colmar there are 400 Km to do so it will be a busy day.


  1. Imperial Castle. We visited it in the late 2011 when we were living in Germany (the post is in Italian). It was amazing in Spring and we want to see the city in Winter when the white blanket makes everything magical.
  2. Medieval Dungeons. We missed it last time. In winter the temperatures can be really low so better to find some indoor activities.
  3. Market Square. The market was amazing last time. It was Spring. This can easily be the main reason to visit the city for Christmas. Of course there are other reasons but this it is the top for us.
  4. DB Museum. This is mostly for the kids but … everybody is a child during Christmas! How to miss it? This is a museum dedicated to trains.
  5. Weißgerbergasse. Last but not least, the old artisan block. Here the atmosphere let us understand how the city become important with the leather. The small shops nowadays are bars, pubs and outside is always winter!
Germany is not well known for his cuisine but in Nuremberg the sausages are awesome!The tourist office is always the best place to start. If you stay here for more days you could consider the Nuremberg card that gives you access to all the museums and all the public transports.

Have a good time out there.
E-Family 4.0

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