5 Things to do in Prague

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Prague, the magic city.


Do you know the Five Ws approach we described here? It is an interesting method that you could be applied mostly everywhere. I will continue to test this way to write those type of posts. Take a look at the post about Colmar and the other about Nuremberg and let us know if you like this way.



The E-Family 4.0 and their beautiful camper van!


Prague, Czech Republic. We found a place to park the van (N 50.03222, E 14.40694).


25 and 26 of December 2015.
We will continue our trip to Warsaw after having spent a could pf days in Colmar and Nuremberg. Her we want to spend a couple of days but we are open to spend something more. Will really depends by our van and how we’ll feel with the weather.


Prague is magic. Apart from some sexual tourism it is a special city we want to visit and maybe come back in the future. They should have good string beer and some tasty dish to taste. We cannot miss the Veproknedlozelo.


  1. Karluv Most. It’s a stone bridge built by Petr Parlér (the same architect of the castle). It seems that they added eggs to the sands to strengthen the structure. Who knows what this myth is hiding.
  2. Staromestské Námestí. This is onne of the best places in Prague. It should be very interesting to sit there and take a look on the habits of the locals. Do they have coffee? How do they drink it? Or maybe better to have something hot like chocolate? To be discovered.
  3. Staré Mesto. It is the old town, now surrounded by houses and churches I guess it kept the ancient charm.
  4. vánocní trhy. Guess what? The Christmas Market!!! In Vystaviste Holesovice there should be a big house made by gingerbread. No rush, they close the 1st of January.
  5. The main dish in Prague for Christmas is the carp. Let’s have it!

On the official website there is a nice map to take a look what to see and where they are.


Have fun!

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