Discovering Maggiore Lake – Cannobbio

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-Italian version –

This time we didn’t go for a ride with our Westfino but we have been at our old Italy and we will take the opportunity to have a relatives tour, a tour around knew places and others that we have rediscovered.

So, one day we wake up and decide to take the boat from Luino to Cannobbio and take a walk with children to get them tire … also because this time we go around with 4 of them! (Ours have made friends with two other children and for today they are our guests)

Cannobbio is a very nice village and touristic on the west shore of Maggiore Lake. There is a lake front where you can walk around, meet very attractive restaurants and, if you go towards the centre, you meet very nice little shops where you can buy souvenirs, postcards and etc … for the prices, unfortunately, I can tell you ^ _ ^ with children, go shopping is a little complicated 🙂



We decide to cross the centre village quickly and go directly to the “ponte ballerino”, where, at the end on the left, begins the path that we would like to go.

At the end of the village, just before the bridge, we find an area for campers, and because I’m having the watchful eye I stopped to take some pictures for informations.


cannobbio_area sosta copia


So we begin our walk on the trail after crossing this bridge on which we really dance 🙂



The walk is very easy, flat and it is possible to do it with pushchairs and bicycles as well as on foot. The children run around happy and wondering at every flower, tree and many small elements that Mother Nature gives us.

While we run, jumping and chatting, we meet along the path various waterholes where we could already stop to have our picnic; however, we walk up to the end where the trail ends and opens into a beautiful beach under the Church of St. Anne.




Children are super happy and start to put their costumes and ask immediately to get into the water.

The water for me is really cold so i’ll let them fun to dive and splash each other.

After many games and a good picnic we start to set up our things and start the way back to the fairy and go back home.

A busy day especially for the smallest … but next time will have a ride in Maccagno!!!




Here you can find lots of informations about Maggiore Lake:

 -Italian version –

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