Hiking in Catalogna, Spain.

Hiking in Catalogna on the Volcà de Santa Margarida, Spain.

We went to the Off Road Meeting 4×4, and the last day we decided to leave earlier.
The day started foggy and rainy and we didn’t really know where to go. We where thinking to go towards the coast, just in case it could be a better weather. At the end, looking a brochure about the area, we find out we where in a volcanic area: kids where so exited at this new that we decided to have a climb on a small volcano near there. We crossed the small hill that was trapping the clouds in the valley were the meeting took place and we found ourselves in a new sunny volcanic valley.

From the road everything happens very quickly. You turn a corner and you find yourself looking at a two small volcano few kilometers away one from each other and … you are in the Parc Natural de la Garrotxa

We found a parking for the van on the road, in the middle of some volcanoes for 4 euros a day.
From this parking area you can start several paths (from a 30 minutes long path up to few hours). You can choose to climb one volcano or another, or you can choose a path that covers both of them.

We parked the van and we prepared a small snack with carrots, cucumbers and bread. We carried the water and we started. The path is very easy. It is 2 meters wide minimum and the signals are well placed. It can be done with small kids too, our one is 4 years old, but there were people coming up with their child on their back. The beginning is quite flat, after a couple of turns it starts to climb and the final 150 meters could be a bit heavy for non used “walking people”. Nothing special. I’m a programmer and I sit down 10 ours a day. I’m very untrained but I was able to got at the top, so you can do it as well!

It is a Volcano so you climb up an then you walk down to the green on the “hole”. In the middle of the green there is a small church and it is possible to take a rest there. Now the funny part is that the ground below you isn’t hard. It simply isn’t. The whole hill is made by volcanic rests covered by a tiny layer of ground. This mean that when you walk you have the sensation to be on the sand without being on the sand. Also the sound is loud and not usual.

Sometimes on your side this layer breaks and it uncover the underground layer that literally spills out. It is very interesting and it is nothing I was used to. Kids were amazed because those rests are black, brown, white and in some cases violet.

Once on the “green hole” we let the kids play but after less then an hour they started to be hungry and tired. The week-end was really tough for them. We slowly walked back to the van were we had a light meal and the small one suddenly felt to sleep. The other decided to stay up for the whole trip back home. We decided to skip the highway and to follow the old small road. It is beautiful. This old road follow the whole valley up to the pass where you can park to follow other paths. The view is magnificent from here.

Overall it was a nice day. Nothing was prepared but everything worked out properly. Very well.

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Enjoy your life.

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