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China e Mongolia
Here you can find some links (both in Italian and English… maybe some in French and some others in Spanish, why not?)


VISA (Italian)
Here you can find some useful information on the VISA needed in the listed nations. Very detailed. We were at the meeting camper fest (ITA) to listen to people that already made some pieces of the path we want to follow for our project and there is a trick. If you want to save money you can ask the VISA in Turkey for 30€. In Mongolia they’ll ask 300€.


China by camper (English)
Here I also made a request to understand what documents I need if I want to cross China from Mongolia down to Nepal. I also asked if they can handle the invitation needed to ask the VISA.


Cina e Mongolia 2005
I found this link where Rita and his husband take a raid from Italy to China passing Russia and Mongolia. I sent them an email in the 20th January 2015 to ask some logistic questions on the famous guide/soldier you are supposed to carry around in that wonderful region but the email doesn’t exist anymore.

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"Ma i tuoi occhi non si fermano mai!" mi disse un giorno una ragazzina mentre in scooter giravamo per Palma de Maiorca. Quella ragazzina è ora madre di due bimbi ed ancora mi segue. I miei occhi non si sono ancora fermati. Con questo blog vorrei fermare tutti i pensieri che accompagnano i miei viaggi e la mia vita per poterli rileggere quando un giorno sarò obbligato a stare fermo.

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